Planar Guardians


Lucifer and Angus recently recieved a mission to destroy a Dreadlord, due to a lack of information they decided to try and find someone with more knowledge about the subject. After a while they found a female Cansin named Dawn who knew plenty about the subject, and agreed to help them with their task. After a while they tracked down the Dreadlord to a cave in the southern isles. After a long and tiresome battle they emerged victorious and the Dreadlord was slain.

When they got back to town Lucifer decided to take on another voluntary mission, aquiring the heart of a Marruspawn Abomination. After a lot of research they learned that the Marruspawn Abomination was imprisoned in an underground tomb many centuries ago, and with the aid of an Ace of Diamonds pulled from a Deck of Many Things they learned the precise location of this tomb. With the power of Dawn's Truespeaking they managed to uncover the tomb with relative ease, only to find that the tomb was sealed with a lock requiring an ancient key. Thanks to Dawn and a lot more research they managed to learn the location of the key, deep within an enchanted forest. After a few days travel they reached the location of the key, but they key was guarded by an Ancient Treant who refused to part with it unless they helped rid the forest of an undead plague. Once the plague was dealt with they got the key and headed back to the tomb.

Once back at the tomb they inserted the key into the lock and a path unfolded into a hallway leading down into the desert, at the end of the hallway there was a door with four empty slots each inscribed with a different symbol representing each element…


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